Aurora's summer 2019 Bright collection


Thank you for dropping by our beacon.
Studio Aurora, it is primarily “creative” people, for whom to create, is as necessary as breathing. Probably everyone knows this feeling of a “burning idea”?
Well, We do.
But all of this was after, at first there was a dank winter, it was raining outside the window. It was gray and sad. And then my friend and I got the idea to decorate the lamp to make its light softer and warmer. We finished late at night, but it was worth it. The light from the renewed lamp filled the entire room with warmth and comfort, flashes of different shades of light ran along the walls. We sat and looked at her, absolutely happy, forgetting about winter and sadness.
And we got the idea to carry the beauty, warmth and comfort to the homes of people through our handicraft products.
So, that’s the way our Aurora studio appeared 🙂

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